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SMA Portfolio Strategies

Our Seperately Managed Accounts offer a risk-controlled way to capitalize on today's equity market with reduced volatility. Our products range in sophistication from Long Only to L/S and ETF based, all of which focus on the U.S. equity market. Read More →


Market Commentary

From the 100-Year Market Theory to a variety of periodical research offerings, Tesseract is dedicated to empowering you through communication and knowledge. Read More →


Customized Portfolios

TAM Portfolios management team can construct specialized portfolios for RIA’s, high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions managed through our Separately Managed Account platform. Read More →

TAM Videos

The 100-Year Market Theory Webinar – 4/18/2013 (Click here to view the webinar presentation)

This Tessereact Asset Management Webinar gives an update to the 100-Year Market Theory (100-YMT) chart as well as discussing:
- How the markets don’t repeat they rhyme.
- Long-term market cycles and how they may affect your short term portfolio performance.
-The importance of balancing time horizon and risk tolerance for optimal returns.
-What may be in store for the next 3 years in the US stock market.

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